St Augustine’s Week 7: Painting the Puppets

J: “We painted our shoes using glaze so they will be shiny

IMG_2048This week the children were able to glaze the puppet shoes which had been fired in between times.  As they work a lot with ceramics here, there was a wonderful range of color glazes to choose from.

A: “I coloured mine poppy red”

E: “I coloured mine blue”

I showed the children how if I cut a cross in the head with a paper knife, we could insert the rod.

“Miss Mc G sharpened the sticks and D helped her by cutting the sticks down”

A: “We put the sticks into the puppet’s head and the arm we used hot glue – it was blue to help them be stronger we used brown sticky paper wet with sponges.”

We reinforced the joints with gummed brown paper roll rather than papier mache to save time, so that we could progress to painting in the one session. Before painting the puppet heads and hands we put a little masking tape on the eyes to protect them from paint. Everyone is really looking forward to adding hair and clothes next week.

C: “My Puppet came to life”

Some of the puppets became very lively, we noticed they are not as well behaved as the pupils.

M: “Thank you all for making our puppets. I had lots and lots of fun. Lisa is a very good puppet and I will see her again next week. We love making our puppets come to life.”

IMG_2051IMG_2052Back in the classroom we looked at last week’s blog online and wrote this blog, allowing us to reflect on the process, and remind the children of names they have already given their puppets or encourage them to make new ones.

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