St Augustine’s Week 8 Clothes shopping and time travel


This week we attached cable ties to the shoes and gave each pair a round of applause as they were so gorgeous after the firing. The puppets took a bow. Then we glued and masking taped and brown taped them to the bodies (they are very heavy so it needs to be strong). Then the children took it in turns to bring their puppet “clothes shopping” – we had spread out the different fabrics along the counters, until everyone had chosen something. While they tried them on, the adults helped with cutting and hot glue gunning them onto the puppets. While this was going on some of the puppets were getting very lively, and some of their stories began to emerge.

There’s a big red wheel in the art room belonging to the printing press and the children love to turn it but this is not allowed. When I asked C why it was so irresistible he told me it was a Time Machine. So we decided to include this in our story. It is fitting then that K’s puppet has become a robot – perhaps they find it in the future.

Back in the classroom after lunch we talked about some of these ideas and developed them a little, again finding connections between the different puppets. I input it in the laptop and then the children did some drawing of these new ideas in their passport books.

We are looking forward to putting the hair onto the puppets next week, and maybe then they will be able to come to visit Miss Carroll in the classroom.

Lisa is a fashion girl

Maddie is a school girl and sister of robot K

C: “ It is a time machine you can turn back time when it is a knitting machine, and when you press the buttons there is an earthquake to the universe and they get dizzy and fall down”  “My puppet is called Jackson I picked out some clothes for him and like the colour pink and we mixed glue for his tee shirt and we had fun with him”

“Mine is Princess Sophia the first and me and A’s puppets are sisters, her’s name is Alexa but she calls her Amber, she’s a mermaid, an amulet turns her into a mermaid and can help her talk to animals” A’s “Alexa is step sister to Sophia, she loves the animals under the sea, like dolphins, so she’s is dressed like a Mermaid Princess and I could make some fish cos I am a really good drawer.”

This puppet doesn’t have a name yet “his jumper is orange, it has an orange scarf” he is pleased with the orange crocs that A made for his puppet because he has been away for two weeks.

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