St. Augustine’s Week 9: Hairdressers and Red Carpet

Today the puppets went to the “Hairdressers”. The children chose to either make hair from wool “pom pom”s made on their hands or the back of chairs, or to use Fake Fur. They also finished the clothes – we put ribbons or fabric over the legs and arms, and added some details. We used spray paint to make two of the puppets golden – one of them is a robot, and used markers to add details to the painted puppets – eyelashes, brows, freckles, lips etc. They were delighted with them.

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After lunch I brought them into the classroom to show the teacher and other SNAs. We began by sitting around and reminding ourselves of the various connections between the puppets and ideas for stories, using the “Puppet Passports” where necessary.

I had prepared a red carpet and then each puppet took a turn at walking down it accompanied by some music. The children are also familiar with the music as they play it in the music classes and we are considering the possibility of one of the other classes playing it for them if we decide to do some kind of performance. It might be good for the puppets to dance or move to. My puppet asked each puppet some questions, and after awhile the children took over this themselves.IMGA0393IMGA0390IMGA0387IMGA0385IMGA0383

The stories are slowly growing:

Lisa and Jackson are best friends and travel in time to the 70s where they love to dance together.

J is a robot and brother to Maddie. She just looks like a schoolgirl but really she’s a robot in disguise.

Paul looks like a robot but he is a boy, he lives in Blackrock with his family

Sofia is sister to Alexa / Amber, they are both half mermaids and live in a castle.

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