St Augustine’s Week 10 : Painting the Sets

This week we focussed on creating places that the puppets could be in and visit each other in. I had emailed some resource images to the Art teacher who had them printed out and ready and I had also brought some books and other images to inspire and help the children as their work in the Puppet Passports in the classroom the previous weeks meant I knew what scenery would best suit their ambitions for their puppets. I also wanted them to have a chance to return to painting as they had seemed to enjoy it so much the first week.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Large sheets of paper / card – ideally more than 2 foot high and wide.

Primary colours of paint on palettes, plus white and black

Brushes, sponges if available, water containers etc

In the classroom we did a little warm up ourselves, stretching and doing some humming and note singing. Then we brought the puppets out to “warm” them up using a game of Simon says to get them learning how to move, look, talk sing etc.

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