St Augustine’s Week 11: Puppet Plays in their own worlds


In advance to our session I made some cardboard stands from Recreate stock on which to hang the children’s paintings from last week so as to create the sets for their puppets.IMGA0461

Above: The Time Machine and the Disco settings. Below you see the Robot K-Bot and his friend Paul.


Above you see the puppet Jackson operating the Time Machine and his friend Lisa dancing at the Disco.IMGA0466

Above and below you see the puppet Maddie at the school chatting to her friend Alexa who is in underwater world (she is a mermaid).IMGA0468

The children were delighted to have some proper playtime at last with the puppets. The cardboard supports worked well, allowing the children to operate the puppets more comfortably than last week using the floor. We did a warm up together and then the children posed the puppets in the set for photographs and then played various scenes and exchanges with my filming them and their taking it in turns to watch or perform. The puppets did some dancing too to a tune they all play in their music class. We hope that next week at the school Assembly, as it is our last day, we will show a film of their performances while one of the other classes plays along with the music.

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