Session Ten: Translucent Versus Transparent


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Artist: Helen Barry, School: Our lady Of Good Counsel G.N.S.

I always need to check the meaning of translucent and transparent prior to using them. Though different one is used to describe the other in a thesaurus. Language indeed is confusing or perhaps complex. My work with the class has broadened my understanding and perceptions of art and how it is taught in the curriculum. Often I work with younger children where art and creativity is embedded throughout all subjects. My approach with the younger children is often cross curriculum and cross discipline. What we have created here has been much more focused on art for art sake and I have really enjoyed the process. The children now in 5th class are thoughtful, reflective and very open to expanding their experiences and knowledge. Many of the children have discovered a stronger interest in art and have realized how accessible art can be.

The long awaited ‘Fantasy Film’ has arrived and everyone was eager to get on with creating. ‘Fantasy Film’ is a resin-based liquid that forms a solid transparent and translucent film when it becomes in contact with air, a little like nail varnish. Using very thin wire the girls created small shapes to then dip into the different coloured liquids. Within minutes the shapes had hardened and they were attached to the wire birds the girls had made in the previous sessions. Once the birds have been installed in the garden the coloured shapes will bring subtle colour into the space. The girls clearly enjoyed creating with the ‘Fantasy Film’ and were longing to do more to take home. The liquid begins to evaporate once the tins have been opened hence it is important to keep creating to use it all up.

Whilst most of the class remained indoors I took a few of the girls into the garden where we continued to work on the herons. It is important to the girls that the heron has a mate as they do in life. Work began on the construction of the second heron whilst the first heron was nearing completion. Again the girls who have really committed to making the herons would not always be the ones who would put themselves forward for art projects. It is wonderful to observe their reactions and their enjoyment of the creative process and outcomes.

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