DLR Primary Arts. Rathmichael N.S 2nd class with Artist Jane Groves.

7/12/16  Session 3… Listen.

Arriving in class today,We took a little time to discuss our map making session last week, reflecting on how accurate it was. The class have arranged a castle made with Ms McCoy on the surface of the giant map, I love the way the ‘sense of place’ discussion is fusing into the wider classroom curriculum.

With the high energy associated with the end of term, I decided to take a reflective and relaxed approach today and to expand on the theme of music.

Firstly I talked about mark making and how different marks could reflect different emotions or sensations.

I had chosen several pieces of music which I felt might subtly reflect the local environment and climate, choosing a piece about the mountains, rivers, a piece by local musicians ‘Kila’ from’Song of the sea’, pieces from ‘vivaldis’  winter season and recordings from ‘A Sound map of Dunlaoghaire ‘project

The children were invited firstly to do a small mindfulness exercise following their breath and then told to close their eyes while they made marks in response to the music. Much to the delight of the children we created several ‘sound drawings’ and then with eyes open had a longer time to create an abstract piece in paint.

We talked about the different instruments and the marks we made to respond to them.The children were remarkably sensitive, while listening to the the winter part of the four seasons, one boy said ‘It makes me feel very sad and reminds me of when my granny died’ or in response to the mountains,’my marks are dancing, they’re running faster and faster climbing higher and higher’


We finished off making some sketch books, ready for more shenanigans next term. Many thanks to Steff for washing out all those pallets! Have a great Christmas holiday everyone!

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