DLR Primary Arts. Rathmichael National school 2nd class with Artist Jane Groves

30/11/16. session 2.  Being Here…..

Arriving at School this morning I found the children playing outside on a blissfully mild, sunny and beautiful Autumns day ,so instead of heading straight into the classroom, I decided to investigate the school space outside. I had intended to explore the children’s sense of place from the perspective of their school and its location but also wanted them to open up their senses and take a valuable moment to be present.

We made a circle outside and talked about where we were, which direction are the mountains? the sea? the motorway ?  I wanted to encourage a sense of the children knowing where they are and how it makes them feel.

We traced our way round the outside wall of the school to the garden I wanted them to look at the shape of the school and to open their senses. Once we were beside the garden I asked the children to take a moment to close their eyes and to listen to the sounds they could hear and from where they were coming from, I encouraged them to start with listening to their own breathing and then to move outwards so they could make sound map’s  of everything they could hear around them.


After absorbing more sounds and looking for different colours we headed back to the classroom to draw some more maps


I asked the children to describe in pictures their journey to school, noting the things they often saw ,smelt or heard .

….then invited them to describe their environment to me in the form of a giant map, I wanted to understand the childrens perception of place, something which we could discuss later, we also used scissors and extra paper to reposition things.

What a great responsive class! can’t wait to see them again! Thanks for having me 2nd class.

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