Seisiún 4 Cuairt chuig An Lexicon

In the classroom before setting out we looked at Google Earth again, anticipating our journey. We discussed how it would be good to look out the window of the bus and see could we spot various things we were now looking at on the map. It was freezing outside so we were very glad to get on the bus, and really enjoyed the journey.

In the Lexicon, we had our little snack and looked at a map of the gallery space and talked about the Lexicon and discussed appropriate behaviour for a gallery. Kim had arrived first and had divided the exhibition up into four so we split into groups with each group choosing one of their images to share with the others. The whole group then had a little tour of the four chosen pieces lead by the children. We even had a short group meditation in front of the piece that inspired this feeling in one of the children! Then we looked out the window of the gallery to the harbour and buildings and gardens within sight and remarked on the patterns and shapes and what we could see.

Back in the workshop space each child got a large sheet and chalk pastels where they were encouraged to use shapes and colour and take pleasure in the action of drawing in response to some of what they had seen – the maps, the journey, the work, the views in the window. When they had finished they assembled their own exhibition in the space and had their lunch before we were all back on the bus again. The children were delighted to receive the catalogue of the exhibition as a souvenir and their work also travelled back with them.

Bhíomar go lèir traochta tar éis an turas! Bhí lá iontach againn! 

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