Seisiún 5 Ag Neartú agus ag Dathú Áiteanna na mBréagáin

Chríochnaigh muid na háit súgartha i gcóir ár bréagán.  Bhíomar ag peinteáil.  Dheisigh muid ár áit súgartha le greamathóirí beaga. Rinneamar níos laidre iad le na greamathóirí seo.   Chuireamar le cheile na áit súgartha ionas go raibh na bréagáin in ann súgradh lena céile.  Bhí seans againn súgragh leo chomh maith.  Rinneamar taispeántais in aice leis an halla.

The children first strengthened and painted their individual pieces begun in session 3, then they collaborated in twos, threes or fours on the painting of large grounds or maps on which the places can co-exist. These are now being exhibited next to the School Hall.

The materials we used:

Paint, palettes, brushes, water containers, tissue (to dry brushes and mop up spills).

Large sheets of paper (from Recreate) for the floor pieces. 

Paper Stickers to cover and strengthen previous week’s making where necessary (from Recreate – matt and suitable for painting over )

Masking tape .

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