dlr Primary Arts, RathMichael 2nd class with Artist Jane Groves

1.2.17.  Session 4 , Environmental Prints…..

….‘we’re the official warm welcoming committee`the kids all cheered as I arrived back at the school today, crowding around with huge smiles, thanks children for always making me feel so welcome, its been a long break and we can’t wait to get started again.

Following on from our ideas surrounding the discussion about a sense of place, I had bought some natural objects in found locally, shells and beach stones, pheasant feathers, birds nests, dried seed heads, woodland foliage, also some images of insects and plants, I invited the children to make some drawings from what they saw. We talked about mark making, using expressive mark, dots, line, crosshatching etc to create texture and form


I  demonstrated how to start creating prints by making indentations onto foam board, encouraging the children to use the right pressure.After rolling an image with water based printing inks, Mathew used a dry roller to apply pressure and then birthday boy Albert pealed away the foam to reveal the print



We created a ´wet table’ The children worked on their tables and then came up to ink up their work







Cant wait to continue more experiments next week.

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