dlr Primary Arts, Rathmichael NS 2nd class with visual artist Jane Groves

8. 2. 17.   Session 5 …. Making more Marks….

Today we were joined again by Steff Gallagher,one of the assisting artists, it allowed us to separate the classroom into 3 work stations which explored different types of print and mark making, I wanted everyone to feel engaged and exploitative. I had found 2 bird skulls in the area and bought them to join our collection of natural materials found locally to use as source material.

Table one… was set out as place to sketch and explore the marks the children could use to create images,I provided different papers and mark making materials, charcoal, chalk, pencil and pastel but had limited them to being mainly monochrome.




Table 2…Here we explored how to create simple mono prints, this is where an image is drawn directly onto paper over an inked glass plate and then peeled away to reveal the image on its reverse. The children made some beautiful work in response to the collected objects




Table 3…… we continued with our foam board prints which we had started last week….

The children worked for about half an hour at each table, and kept their attention well, It was a dynamic day, and as each group changed tables we took time to ground ourselves in the moment. When our time was up, we could hardly believe the amount of amazing work produced, 2 drying racks full!! sometimes its like that as an artist, and as much as the process is the most important part, we couldn’t help feeling very excited by our results today.



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