Session Two: Straight Lines & Order

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Monday 5th December 2016

Artist: Helen Barry/ Teacher: Sharon Smyth

Based on what the children had designed during out first session I had prepared the two main wings for the rocket. Our rocket when complete will be suspended form the ceiling. Again I will mention the huge room we are in and equally high ceiling hence we have plenty of room for several rockets should we get carried away.

The children are very focused for Senior Infants and were eagerly awaiting my arrival. They had also completed the tasks I had set. The first being to draw around the right and left hand twice and cut them out. Their hands will become the flames shooting from the rocket. The second task in response to the children’s request was to place themselves in the rocket. To do this Ms. Smyth photographed the children in pairs. These photographs were printed off and stuck into the centre of a circular coloured card. This demanded a lot of careful circular cutting. The class had help on hand from two of the secondary school students who are often based in the primary school as part of their Transition Year programme.

Again we immediately pushed back all of the desks giving ourselves plenty of floor space. The children went back into their small teams and prepared the wings. Covering them in a collage of transparent coloured film. It was with great speed and co-ordination that the children worked. Once complete we played a little with the wings against the light coming in through the windows. The arch like shapes of the wings had a ‘church’ like quality to them. They were perfect to be displayed during the festive season until we would stick them into place on the rocket itself in the New Year.

We spent a little time looking at our drawings again finalizing the designs and figuring out what materials and colures we would like to use. I also spent time asking the children and Ms. Smyth what other things they would like o do and what things interested them. Overall the children would like to do more 3D work and Ms. Smyth is interested in exploring some Jolly Phonics.

As I started to clean up and push the tables back Ms Smyth said she would leave the desks where they were. I assumed she had meant she would leave them in disarray until lunch. But NO she said she had left them out of order after the previous session until Wednesday. The children didn’t use their desks for over two days. Ms Smyth thought this was fantastic for the children. I on the other-hand and as the artist felt an inner panic at the thought of this. Perhaps I need to break from the rules a little.

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