dlr Primary Arts. Rathmichael NS 2nd class with visual Artist Jane Groves.

15.2.17 ….Its all about the process!

Today we took a moment to reflect on the idea of ‘process’ and the way that our project is a journey! The children discussed different ways of documenting what we have been discovering and creating (including this blog).We had a conversation about our starting point ‘ A sense of Place’ what makes a place unique? what makes us feel attached to our environment? as well as its geography we talked about the way it makes us feel, its history and its marks.We also recapped on some of the types of printing methodology we have been using.

I was also very excited today as I wanted to introduce the small printing press that I have borrowed from DLR, and which we will be using more later.

We separated the class into three with the idea of facilitating some exploring.

Table 1…was looking at language, using words and poems to express their perception of place. Each child was asked to draw around their hand and to create the words inside.


Table 2..was looking at some real maps,I had bought in a selection of maps which depicted Shankhill and its place in Ireland and the larger world, The children made drawings of topographical lines, counties, roads, coastal lines etc


Table 3… Was looking at mark making using the portable printing press using a technique called dry point etching,Using small pieces of acetate, the children used sections of maps or local natural materials as inspiration to create marks and texture, scratching out their designs with a scribe, The acetate was then carefully inked and polished ( so that the ink only remains in the scratched marks) and rolled through the press.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

…. All best plans!! just when we were really getting into our creative stride, The fire alarm went off !! yikes! 

The children left the classroom to line up in the yard, what a pity  there was no more time before lunch as we were really enjoying this,better to be safe than sorry though and its all part of the process, our journey will continue !



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