dlr Primary Arts. Rathmichael N.S 2nd Class with visual Artist Jane Groves

1.3.17 session 8… Making shapes.

Today we had a chat about the shapes of our environment, talking about, curves and corners, squares, circles, straight and organic lines.We chatted about the shapes of local buildings, of the mountains, clouds, the shapes of the sea of the rivers and of nearby trees.

I then invited the children to create some sculptures with their bodies using the discussion as a starting point, we had great fun describing landmarks and parts of the environment as mimes,The children worked both alone and together to create visual stories.One of the nicest moments was when a large number of children spontaneously joined hands to describe the sea creating a giant undulating flowing wave of 2nd class artists.

After this lovely playfulness we separated into 3 groups again to experiment in making different types of shapes with some materials they hadn’t worked with before.

Table 1…. This table was working together to experiment in making circles and orbs using willow and tape.I wanted to encourage the children to work in 3D and showed them  how best to manipulate the materials, the children soon found it was best to work with someone else.


Table 2.. This Table were asked to create pyramids and shapes with straight lines and were also encouraged to think in 3D

The children talked about different types of triangles, equilateral, right angle etc.We went on to attach our pyramids and angular shapes together to create a landscape.

Table 3 … Children on table 3 were given small sticks of rattan and balls of clay, Steff worked with them to experiment with creating different shapes.

We had so much fun!! phew! after a review of what we had learnt it was time for the big tidy up!

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