dlr Primary Arts Rathmichael N.S with visual Artist Jane Groves.

8.3.17 Session 9,  ‘We’re all going to the beach’..

As I drove to the school I thought that we’d definitely need our raincoats for our trip to the beach this morning but as we left the classroom all wrapped up and ready, what a delight! the brooding clouds had disappeared revealing a brilliant blue sky and a warm sun to shine upon our adventure! whats more Miss Mccoy, the ever fantastic Steff, the children and I were joined by Sams mum Jana, who happens to teach mindfulness meditation amongst other things! ( many thanks Jana)

Before setting off I had asked the children to bring along their visual diaries to create not only a record of the beach itself but ,maps of the journey, some noted smells, others sounds, some looked at different emotions, colours or signs of spring.

Theres something about a beach that breaths an extra burst of energy into children, the excitement was palpable, so for a bit of grounding we started with a mindfulness exercise led by Jana

After getting a sense of our bearings, from Dublin to Wicklow, looking out to Dalkey island and talking about the people who may have lived there and the marks left behind, I invited the class to create their own mark on the on the beach, looking for treasure around them and collaborating in the creation of a sculpture. The exciting thing about this is that out of the classroom setting  is that the children are not only free fabricate things in a different way but are learning in a experiential  way, asking questions like, ‘ what is this rock made from?’ If you dig down will you find water?’ ‘does the sea break things down?” How do tides work?’ etc


As if I had panned it ( I hadn’t! ) some of the children found a deposit of clay soil on the beach,  we were able to see where clay comes from. I had bought some refined clay with me and invited the children to create some sea creatures with it, together with any stones or shells they could find.

we gathered together again and after talking about the sea changing from land to water ( discussing the petrified forest off this coast) Jana finalised with a little mindfulness meditation before we headed home. taking a lot of inspiration with us! 

l love making art and learning outside its sometimes where the best things happen!


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