Session Six: Blast Off

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13th February 2017

Artist: Helen Barry/Teacher: Sharon Smyth

Our rocket was coming to completion. I needed to attach the rocket head and rocket base to the main body of the rocket. With all parts attached it was going to measure almost 9 feet in length. The attaching of all the parts demanded a lot of patience and teamwork. It was a delicate task and each stage did not need all the children working at any one time. Hence it was important to create some other task to enable all of the children to be engaged in the process. Using a huge hoop with which I did a little warm up with (see photo). We drew and cut out a very large circle on sliver foil. I then invited the children to draw around and cut out their hands from the silver foil. The hands would become the stars in our galaxy and the very large circle the moon. We had come so far there was no point in cutting back now.

I asked one of the children to take charge of the camera and document the session. With lots of moving, balancing, holding and propping up we had all the parts firmly attached together. Before suspending the rocket from the ceiling our final task was to attach the portraits of the children onto the outer shell of the rocket. We literary have been to the moon and back for this session. Though I will be more careful in the future as some of the children thought that once our rocket was complete we would be actually travelling to outer space in it. There were a couple of very relieved children when we clarified things.

It was some feat to get the rocket suspended from the ceiling. My bragging of a wonderful high ceiling was now not such a great thing! But with a little tugging and a lot of sweating we are now on our first mission to outer space.





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