Dalkey School Project Educate Together Session 12 Celebrate!

As this was our last session together we invited our parents and some siblings to join us for a reflection on all we have done together and to enjoy a puppet show.

We used images on the blog and the children’s memories to share what we enjoyed best. Then the children chose to work in groups behind the puppet screen. When the puppets took over it became very lively.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It was great to see the puppet characters emerging through their play and improvised performances.IMG_0072

“This is Humpty Dumpty’s cousin and his name is Matt”

IMG_0081 2

Lily the puppet on the left: “I like eating pancakes all the time, so I can get fat. I like to spend time with my sister, Isabel”

Isabel, puppet on right: “My favourite thing is going into Fairy Doors and wandering off and I love rainbows and I am 7”IMG_0075 2

IMG_0071IMG_0070 2

The children were delighted to bring their puppets and books home and after the excitement of the show and visit from the parents, they settled down and continued working in them.


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