dlr Primary Arts, 6th Class Kill Of the Grange National School 8th Dance Session – 5 Mar 2018

Artist: Robert Connor, Dance Theatre of Ireland  Teacher: Elizabeth Breen

Today, following the warm-up, I introduced a new song/choreography as a change to the routine of how we have been working.  “Can’s Stop the Feeling” by Justin Timberlake.  The dance I teach to this song has several parts, and it’s clear that the students are more adept at picking up – learning – new movement.  There’s also an interlude of moving through the space, traveling quickly, skipping, gesturing, free-styling and this revisits their skill of dancing between / among each other in a constantly changing spacing.  We speak briefly about quick decision making, using peripheral vision and quick reactions in order to keep the space moving and open while also avoiding bumping into one another.

We developed this as an improve further, by staying with this moving, weaving, circulating, traveling with their own rhythmic steps, rather than only skipping…encouraging the students to explore different stepping / locomotive combinations within the beat.

Because we missed one session due to the snow storm, we took time to reconstruct, review and rehearse each group’s own “Faith” sequence.

We continued working with “Faith”, placing each group in a specific spacing configuration for the start, and giving them a chance to rehearse.  For the very start of the song, I asked the girls to all line up together, on one side of centre and the boys in a line on the other, all facing each other “with attitude”, and when the music starts, in the first few bars they all travel quickly to the starting positions of their groups.

The 3 girls’ groups perform their sequences first, the boys strike a pose in their groups and watch the girls.  Then after the chorus, the 3 boys’ groups perform their sequences, while the girls strike a pose and watch.  We do this several times, each time perfecting getting into place and performing their sequences.


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