St. Mary’s, Sandyford – Fourth Class – Session 8 – Friday 16th March 2018 Teacher: Áine O’Connell Artist: Michelle Read – Playwriting

Nearly Easter Egg time, but not quite, so we snuck in a session before the break.

Today the children  wrote monologues for their main characters to find out a bit more about them – what they were doing on that day. What they were worried about? What excited them? And what was their secret! Characters in drama always live in the present tense and some playwrights (including myself) like to write a monologue for the character to hear what they are thinking and feeling.

I had created a series of questions to help each child write for their specific character and as they all worked, I went from desk to desk to discuss including personality traits and location – the who and the where – into the piece.

After the break I wondered if anyone would like to come up to the front and read their monologue out loud. Wow! Lots of hands went up. This is a class of natural performers. Again, the children could read their own piece or nominate another child or myself to read the monologue for them. Then we recorded all of the performances. They were all really inventive and some of the characters began to clearly emerge. These are the ones that came out loud enough to play back!



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