St. Columbanus N.S Loughlinstown

Carmel Murphys 5th/6th class with artist Jane Groves

Session 4.. Responding to Music

Today we wanted to explore mark making using music as a catalyst for response.we listened to a variety of music which I felt evoked our theme of transformation such as music of the mountains,’sea scene’ by kila, ‘African River’ by John de cart, ‘Gradual Motion’ by Peter Jones, Vivaldis ´Four Seasons’ etc.

We described mark making using works like, rolling, racing, flowing, urgent, spiky, pointed etc. We used a variety of mediums, pencil chalk and paint. working with our eyes closed, open and then using in conjunction with some collected natural materials

After our music session and a break we took a look at 3 more provocation boxes, from Summer, Simone and David we  learnt more about each other and it was a great opportunity to reflect on how different we all are.


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