St. Columbanus N.S Loughlinstown

Carmel Murphy’s 5th/ 6th class with Artist Jane Groves.

Session 3 …’Being Here’

Today we took a good look at the space around us and examined our place in it, the class used mindfulness to try to be hyper aware to their present moment using all their senses to record the space walked through.

Outside in the playground the children tried to point to various landmarks using clues like sounds, smells, bird flight etc, where was the sea?, the Wicklow mountains? the M50? Dublin ? their own house? We walked down to the river and discussed where it came from and where it was going.

Back in the classroom we used 3 different pieces of paper to map the school and its surrounds

After our map making we looked out some of the provocation boxes made by the children who shared with us some of their treasures and interests.Today was the turn of Aran, Jessica and Layla. The boxes provide stimulus to talk about ourselves and for us to listen mindfully


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