St. Columbanus National School Loughlinstown

Session 1.    St Columbanus National school with Artist Jane Groves

This year I’m working with  Carmel Murphys class of 23, 5th and 6th class students at St Columbanus NS in Shankhill.

 My first meeting with the class, I wanted to introduce myself and the project so decided on an ice breaking session using a variety of reuse materials. I had ordered them into collections, from monochrome and transparent, to multicoloured, highly textured fabrics to plainer cardboards and papers. separating the class into four I asked each group to explore the reuse materials and to visualy express a different habitat as a group to each other. It’s a great opportunity to begin working together and to explore the dynamics and personalities in the group. Everyone approachs a creative exercise like this in a different way, some being more planned and painstaking, others being more playful and experimental. some children prefer to work alone and others in groups. During the session we also had time to ‘trade internationally´ where the tables could swap materials with each other.

After creating the amazing habitats, ( and some crazy characters who inhabit them) each group took turns to discuss their projects. We talked about the process being a lot more important than the product and the advantages and challenges of working together.

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