St Columbanus N.S Loughlinstown

Carmel Murphy’s 5th/6th class with Artist Jane Groves

Session 9…. Making Shapes..

Today we moved on from printing as it was decided that we needed to experiment with something 3D. I had bought in some Buff willow and after talking to the class about where it grows ? what it was used for historically and today? I told the class much to their initial disappointment that we would be starting our maths lesson!

Each table worked together to make circles, bending the willow and then attaching with masking tape, each group had to measure the circles together and were then asked to make spheres. I asked the tables to attach the spheres together to construct an abstract cloud shape.

we discussed the transformation of clouds both in the literal and metaphorical sense and then I showed the class some of the wet strength tissue paper I had bought.

The paper is dropped into PVA glue and then squeezed out….a gloopy messy process! Then stretched over our cloud shapes.

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