St. Columbanus N.S Loughlinstown

Carmel Murphy’s 5th/6th class with Artist Jane Groves.

Session 11… Clay Selfies

Carmel had asked me if we could use clay today, so it was decided that wed work again with self portraits. we talked about where clay come from, how it is processed. where it can be found in our local environment etc and then recapped on the children’s experience in using clay at the school. pinch pots, coiling, making impressions and of the technique of ‘smearing’ and using slip to bind.

The class were given mirrors and we discussed the anatomy of the face, how the face is built onto the skeleton etc.we looked at how to build up a small head and shoulders sculpture, discussing how in reality the head is positioned on the neck and the proportions of the features.

Everyone has interpreted the project in a different way, with some of the children still preferring to create a cartoon representation. we’ve decided to go with it and have fun! after all that’s what creativity is about!

Theres still more fun to be had here… so everything is wrapped up ready for next session .

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