dlr Primary Arts, 6th Class Kill Of the Grange National School Ms. Breen’s and Students 2nd Post May 2018

Artist: Robert Connor, Dance Theatre of Ireland,  Teacher: Elizabeth Breen

I asked Ms. Breen to ask the students for their reflections/feedback now,  several weeks on from having finished the dance project.

Here is some of the class feedback:

It’s been quite some time since we had the dance workshop, but I still remember each one of the dances.  I really enjoyed doing the dance workshop, every Monday and Thursday we would go down to the hall and we would start dancing. Whenever I was dancing I didn’t think about anything else. I thought the dance workshop worked really well and it always made me happy. I really enjoyed it.

When it came to the performance I felt like we were all amazing, we all danced like no one was watching.

Just before Easter we finished a dance workshop. I really enjoyed it. I didn’t really like dance before because it made me feel awkward. Now at the end I can say that I am more comfortable with dance. At the end we did a performance for 3 classes and I felt really proud. The dance classes are something I will remember about 6th class.

Dance overall was very enjoyable, I feel that it boosted my confidence a lot. The show at the end was very good. We all did very well. Myself, Hayleigh, Zoe and Anna performed it for our hip hop teacher (Robert’s Friend). I really enjoyed it and would definitely recommend it.

Dance overall was a very enjoyable experience. We learnt loads of parts of it. From how to leap with the beat to choreographing our own dances. We danced to lots of songs and did a performance at the end for lots of classes.

Dancing was really enjoyable; Robert did really well explaining the science behind muscle memory and remembering all of the dances. He knew all of the dance trends.

My favourite part of dance was when we split into groups and made our own dances. I think    we all enjoyed it and worked hard as a team.

Our 6 weeks of dance were probably my favourite weeks of my entire school year so far. We   got very creative and without moves and I feel very proud of myself and  everyone else.

I really enjoyed the dance sessions. From the moment we started to the moment we finished I have learnt so much about dance and all of the different routines.

The songs we danced to were catchy and the dances themselves were memorable.

Robert was a very good teacher, great at explaining different styles of dancing, very patient and overall a nice guy.

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