St. Mary’s, Sandyford – Fourth Class – Session 12 – Friday 11th May 2018 Teacher: Áine O’Connell Artist: Michelle Read – Playwriting

This was our last session and a chance for the children to perform some of their scenes for two of the other classes.

The children spent the first part of the session fixing and finishing their set boxes and then picking partners and rehearsing their scenes. It was like being in multiple rehearsal rooms all at the same time – wonderfully chaotic, but with a very special urgency and intention behind the noise and bustle. It was wonderful to see the children so engrossed as I moved around the room from one story to the next .




Miss O’Connell adds (very kindly)… Our last drama session was very special, it was a culmination of all our hard work, the children got a chance to perform for other classes and the teachers commented on how impressed they were with the project. I was very proud of them and truly grateful to have had Michelle working in my class, I learned so much from her throughout the programme.

I would like to add how much I enjoyed working with, and learning from 4th class. They were a pleasure to meet every Friday and they seemed to really engage with the idea of writing plays and making stories that happen live in front of you. We had a lot of discussion of why live theatre is different from digital and recorded forms and about the impact of being in the same space with the actors and the set and the costumes and lights and sound… Live connections are of course fundamental to human life and it’s exciting to see children connecting with and understanding the power of liveness!

My thanks also to Fergal the head, and Carol the school secretary who extended such a warm welcome to me, and all the teachers at St. Mary’s who happily accepted me into the staff room at break time! But most of all to Miss O’Connell who made it all work and was so interested and supportive.

Here are some of the performances caught in pictures…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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