Our Lady of The Wayside N.S Kilternan

With Visual Artist Jane Groves and Ms Martins 1st Class

Today we talked about ‘Animal architecture’ discussing the amazing constructions animals create. we looked at images of all kinds of animal homes from a whole variety of Bird nests, Beaver dams , bee hives, ant hills, shells, webs etc. discussing the necessity of warmth, protection and camouflage (or sometimes decoration!) etc .we discussed in detail how a bird nest was constructed

Providing each table with a variety of different materials, including clay, sticks, buttons, beads and feathers the children were invited to create their own nests

Adding  materials incrementally the children had to think carefully about how to shape the clay using some methodology they had already acquired and about building structures and adding texture


Everyone had their own style!


we also worked together to investigate the idea of the web. each weaving a small wooden disk with elastic bands

The children were asked to think about shapes and  different depths, the tricky part came when I asked the class to try to join their work together, there was a reluctance to let go of their little pieces, but in the end we decided the ‘sum was the whole of the parts’ and the class started weaving the pieces together


Well done first class for working together and apart !

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