Our Lady of The Wayside N.S Kilternan

Visual artist Artist Jane Groves and Ms Martins First class

Meeting with the children of Ms Martins First class, together with not one but 2 brilliant  SNAs!, Carol and Aideen was an absolute pleasure, 31 bundles of excitable and engaged pupils together with the equally engaged grown ups!

After introducing myself to the class I showed them a few examples of my work and we talked about the concept of process and of product, hopefully the children started to understand that creativity often evolves through creative problem solving and imaginative play, and although products sometimes evolve from understanding certain methodology often they do not.

we talked about, architecture and about habitat, The children sharing an understanding of the two words. I invited the children to become imaginative architects and provided each of the 5 tables within the class with a variety of reuse materials like cones , foam squares, plant pot filters etc. Id kept these to a minimal palette to encourage emphasis on structure and although there was tape and scissors on hand, the intention was create balance and spatial awareness. I asked each table to create a environment either working alone or together.The children naturally and happily organised themselves and let their imagination fly!


outside the box!

some children preferred to work alone, others in groups, or moved from one way to the other, balancing, counting, measuring, investigating …


Some artist created their own characters!


lots of fun creating the story!

Using the furniture, themselves balancing individual creativity with the groups, each table had a chance to tell the story of the environment they had created!

What a tallented bunch!

And the best bit was they broke down what they had made and tidied everything up themselves.

well done!

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