Ballinteer Educate Together – 5th Class – Session 4 – Friday 1st February 2019 Teacher: Lucy Abraham Artist: Michelle Read – Playwriting

Today we continued working on our modernised scripts based on Little Red Riding Hood. To begin with we spoke with our group to make sure everyone was happy with the Headline we had chosen and then each member of the group had five minutes to write down their ideas of how the scene would play out, which were then shared with each other. It was important to name our characters in order to help us begin to move away from the original characters although we had to make sure the character traits still matched. We then discussed and chose two potential dramatic moments that could be written as scenes, thinking about where these scenes could be set and which characters would be in them. We began to write the scenes together in our groups thinking about the dialogue and how the different characters and their characteristics would influence what they say, how they say it and how they interact with each other. (Lucy)

I found it interesting the way we each had different headlines and stories but we could all use characters who had the same characteristics. Maggie

It was fun how we could see what script writers do and the process they go through. Kuba

It was nice to rename the characters so they weren’t exactly the same and it helped thinking about them in a new way to the normal Red Riding Hood story. Ava

I find it very fun the way we get to write our own play. Iggy

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It’s great to hear those comments from the children. It is always so interesting to work on adapting something from the original to see how it can change, but still connect to the original story.

Just to recap for everyone on today’s progress…  these are the headline each group is working from and these are some of the scenes the groups have created to write. I can’t remember all the character names, so I might ask Lucy and the children to add those in here, but here’s what I remember from today… (Michelle)

Kian, Dan, Anca, Mariam and Haileys’ Group, after some deliberation and good compromise, chose the headline, “SPORTS COACH POACHES BEST PLAYER” for their story. In their version – a tricky coach from a different team hides a star player’s kit, so he is left behind in the changing room. The tricky coach then lies to the star player that his coach is going to sell him. The star player is quite naive (like Riding Hood) and agrees to sign a new contract with the tricky coach. Later in the story there is a court room scene, where the trick comes to light.

Yunseo, Iggy, Izzy, Aazib, Maia and Aimees’ Group chose the headline, “CLEVER HOMELESS PERSON STEALS RICH PERSON’S HOUSE” for their story idea. In their version Daisy the homeless girl is begging near a rich person’s house, when the rich person’s crazy grandmother passes her and gives her a button instead of money. Annoyed, Daisy follows the grandmother back to her house and decides to steal the house!

Amber, Kuba, Georgia, Maggie and Frankos’ Group chose the headline, “WRITER STEALS YOUNG GIRL’S BOOK IDEA” to create their play idea.  Their writer Mr Shakespeare the 4th, who hasn’t had a good idea in ages, sees the girl’s book on a park bench and realises the story she is writing (for a competition) is brilliant. When the girl discovers him reading her story he pretends to be a publisher and promises to publish her story…

Julia, Ella, Sadhbh, Ava and Liams’ Group also chose the headline, “CLEVER HOMELESS PERSON STEALS RICH PERSON’S HOUSE” for their story idea. But they came up with a completely different story in which Wilfred the homeless guy, tricks Rebecca the rich woman, into signing her house over to him! She thinks it’s a publicity stunt, but little does she know the papers she signed are real!

Alex, Elettra, Erica, Finn and Marks’ Group chose the headline, “LANDLORD SELLS HOUSE AND WANTS TO EVICT FAMILY” as their story idea. Conor the landlord, arrives in to tell the family they have to leave, but Paddy the friend helps to save them in the end!

Next week, the plan is to try and finish some of these scenes and see how they look and sound when acted out in front of the class. Exciting!

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