Ballinteer Educate Together – 5th Class – Session 5 – Friday 8th February 2019 Teacher: Lucy Abraham Artist: Michelle Read – Playwriting

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Today the children were particularly excited as they had the opportunity to perform the scenes they have worked so hard on. Our session began with each group sharing their progress and saying what stage they were at; some groups had completed one scene, another had both scenes written and some were adding dialogue to both scenes. Michelle and I went around to each group and gave some advice and suggestions to help them and the groups then began to rehearse. After the break each group performed for the whole class and the other children shared with them what they liked and what they thought worked well in the performance. (Lucy)

I liked seeing how everyone acted out their characters. Ava

Even in quite a short time everyone put on really good play. Kuba

Although some of the plays were based on the same headline they were all in the end different. Liam

Everyone had a play based on the same original characters but the portrayal was so different, some were humourous and some were mysterious or serious. Izzy

I liked how you could change a pretty serious title into a really funny play. Finn

Towards the end of today’s session we began to look at set design and Michelle showed us photographs of lots of different types of sets. We saw how the set, the lighting and the props can inform the audience before any actors come on stage. Some sets looked very realistic and others were fantastical, some were even creepy. (Lucy)

I enjoyed when Michelle showed us the different stages because I learned what type of play it might be by looking at the set. Daniel

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What a great session. It started off with the buzz of everyone working hard to tweak and improve their scenes. Quite quickly then all the children were up out of their seats rehearsing, which was very exciting to see. All the groups were very focused and worked really hard and this payed off, as Kuba said, because the scenes were very good even in such a short time. We all said that we could totally understand what was happening in each scene, and this meant we could also enjoy the comedy in some scenes and the different sneaky tricks in other scenes. We could also appreciate the acting, and not least some of the lovely writing and the nice ideas.

Lucy was also camera woman during the performances and videoed all the scenes, so hopefully she will now be able to upload them to the blog for everyone to see.  (Michelle)

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