Ballinteer Educate Together – 5th Class – Session 6 – Thursday 14th February 2019 Teacher: Lucy Abraham Artist: Michelle Read – Playwriting

In this session we started by looking at some of the set design images again. We recapped and looked at how for some plays, designers make a literal – real-looking place. While for other plays, the designers might create a set that is more abstract or combines outdoor space with indoor space…

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We also looked at some costume design images and discussed how costumes are linked to the set design. Then the children began to work on their own design drawings for the scenes they presented last week. They worked in groups and decided between them who would focus on set and who would work on costume.

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Once each group had some drawings and initial designs, we then switched up to 3-D and the children began to make set boxes based on their drawings.

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The children loved this session and were so engaged in the process of thinking about and designing their box sets. I am so impressed with the standard of their finished work and the children themselves are also really proud of their box sets. (Lucy)

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Wow guys! The finished set boxes and costumes are amazing!!! You really put so much thought and detail into the design for each of your play ideas, and it really paid off. As you were working I could tell that every member of the team was totally focused on the project – you were all engrossed in discussing or drawing or making different parts of the set or costume. It was just like a design room in a busy theatre, and it was very impressive how you collaborated and worked together to complete your designs. Well done.  (Michelle)


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