Ballinteer Educate Together – 5th Class – Session 7 – Thursday 28th February 2019 Teacher: Lucy Abraham Artist: Michelle Read – Playwriting


This week we went to the Ark Theatre to see a new play for children by Kate Heffernan called Peat. Here’s a short clip of the two actors talking about the play… very intriguing.

It was a really great experience to walk through Temple Bar today to the theatre from the LUAS, and then to see a really, really interesting play. What a great morning. We managed to have a short chat about it afterwards, but we might come back to it next week, because there was so much going on in terms of the things we have been exploring….

Characters and Character Traits – the two boys in the play were called Ray and Joe and they were best friends, so they had a lot in common, but they also had quite different personalities, and Joe also had an emotional thing going on during the play. The children noticed that Ray was quite impatient with Joe about this and determined to get Joe to take action, that he didn’t want to take.

This story, because it was a drama,  was of course, told through Dialogue. The children commented that some of the dialogue seemed really natural and chatty and funny, and the characters also included us in their conversation, but then other parts of the script were suddenly different and we noticed that was signalled by the lights changing the music becoming ‘darker and louder’. So the sound and lighting design became part of the story telling too.

We also chatted about the Set Design, which used film projection sometimes to show a real peat bog, but which also had more non-realistic parts to it – like the bog being inside a giant cardboard box on a table. Also all the objects that Ray found in the bog were displayed and lit up on tiny tables around the stage, like in a mini museum. And there was an overhead projector and a bucket of water that Joe used so that we could all figure out what each new thing was that had been unearthed from the bog. So the Set Design helped us to be involved in the same activity as the two boys and we could help them to figure out what they had dug up.

In the end Joe does agree to bury the thing he needs to bury and both boys get to go on home for their tea, but not before wondering, after they had been excavating the past, what might be in store for them in the future…


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I enjoyed the fact that we could all see what they found in the bog because of the projector they had. Daniel

I liked the projected backdrop and the sound effects because it really set the mood of the play. Parts were comedic and parts were sad, when they fought the music was really loud and deep. Izzy

I thought both the characters were really funny, Ray was a bit pushy and impatient and Joe was nervous and sad. Aimee

I liked the way it was interactive; they asked the audience questions and talked to us. Finn

I liked at the start when you could hear the rain, I was kind of wondering what was going to happen. Erica

I liked how when the sound was going higher and lower the lights were going darker or brighter with different colours. Amber

I liked how the play, it didn’t really have a genre, it was laid back like two friends having a good time but then sometimes it would go a bit mad when they were having a fight and when Ray got stuck in the bog. Kuba


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