Ballinteer Educate Together – 5th Class – Session 8 – Thursday 7th March 2019 Teacher: Lucy Abraham Artist: Michelle Read – Playwriting

This week’s session was inspired by our trip to the Ark and the play we saw, which involved the characters digging up objects and figuring about what they were… and possibly also what they might have meant to someone. In the play Ray dug up a milk carton and a crisp packet, which might not have meant much to anyone, but then he dug up an old action man, which could have been a treasured toy, and he also found an animal skull and a pet’s collar… which was probably someone’s pet!

So this week the children brought in their own significant objects. A thing that was important to them in some way. I also brought in some of my important objects to share and I asked the children to look at each of my objects and describe them in an objective way. So we talked about what an objective, fact-based description was, and then I also talked about each object from a personal, or what’s called a subjective point of view. I explained my experience of each object and my feelings about them – things that are not true for someone else. So, my tree cone from Australia, which is objectively brown and oval-shaped, is also subjectively beautiful to me and a reminder of my trip to Australia.

I then asked the children to think about their own objects – to draw them and to write about them – and to think about them both objectively and subjectively. I realised as myself and Lucy checked in with everyone, that it’s actually quite hard to be objective about an object that you know well and like a lot. It’s as if, your familiarity and feelings about the object, stop you seeing it objectively! Perhaps because the object stops being just a thing and starts to contain other meanings. And that these new personal meanings become activated whenever we see or touch the object again.

Is this true, do we think?

Next, I asked the children to work at creating a news headline for their object that started with, or included an objective description, but perhaps also contained something subjective, and also added something imagined or invented to raise the stakes and make it newsworthy.  I used my tree cone as an example and have developed my idea a bit here…



Because this object reminds me of my friend in Australia (my subjective experience) and because parts of it look like tiny lips (a subjective description), I’ve included those elements, alongside the objective description to create my invented headline. Basically I’m using my objective and subjective understanding PLUS my imagination to try and come up with a story idea…   (Michelle)


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here are some headlines the children came up with for their objects;

“First time artist wins prize and bests Picasso!”

“Brave family dog saves child from house fire!”

“Big stubborn dog makes owner feel clever.”

“Colourful South African doll makes niece feel very happy.”

“Amazingly fast girl wins medal as expected.”

“Huge explosion at Teddy Emporium – only one teddy survives!”

“Liverpool get sensational 3-0 win – Irish boy invade pitch with excitement!”

“Bracelet worn by flower girl has diamond originally found on Moon!”

“Teddy comes to life when owner sews in pet fur!”

“Tiny necklace charm made of a new kind of stone.”



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