Session Five- Figuring It Out

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Artist: Helen Barry

Teacher: Eoghan O’Neill

Ranga Dó: 30 paiste

It was a few weeks since we last worked together in the classroom as the mid term had provided a small break along with a trip to Airfield. Prior to our visit to Airfield the class had divided into groups and designed their builds from the materials they had used previously. The designs came out of much discussion. We were clear with the children that they needed to ensure that each child had the opportunity to share their idea and everyone needed to feel that they had been listened to. I tried to impose on the children that group thinking would result in a far stronger idea. This too should also support teamwork.

After our initial ceol patrun in the classroom we headed down to our ‘studio’ equipped with pen and paper and some of the original drawings. I had brought extra materials with me introducing more stable pieces like cardboard tubing and colour. The groups sat together and looked at their original designs in order to refresh their memories and rethink them using new materials.

Ideas flowed quickly but not as much with the ‘team’ approach as I had hoped. New designs were drawn and ideas were tackled and some argued over. A few children struggled with being heard. The children were focused on the starting to build so we let them action their designs.

Balancing and connecting the new materials together proved challenging initially and some were a little disheartened when the 3D structures did not quite match their designs. Getting large pieces of heavy cardboard to remain stable can be frustrating. Once the children figured out what and how to work with the new materials they embarked on new ideas.

There were some wonderful creations and they really enjoyed adding colour to the different structures. Most of the groups had a narrative to support their creations. The session became quite playful as they enjoyed what they made. The process of teamwork though proved quite challenging for some.

Eoghan and I talked about teamwork and have decided to concentrate on individual work for the next couple of weeks.

The children gave some very positive feedback afterwards which are sampled below.


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