Session Six – Mr Praiseach nó Mr Ceanndána


Artist: Helen Barry

Teacher: Eoghan O’Neill

Ranga Dó: 30 paiste

Following last weeks session we decided to take a break from teamwork and concentrate on some individual work instead. This week was International Book day and everybody in the entire school was dressed as a character from 101 Dalmatians, it was an impressive sight. Tough it did confuse my eyesight at times!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For session six & seven we are gong to focus on self-portraits. Sketching or drawing people can be quite challenging but once you know the proportions of the body and of the face, it can be a much more enjoyable process and it is very possible to capture a good likeness also. Once we had warmed up with the sound nest I demonstrated the proportions of the human body, It can be surprising how large the actual features of the face are and that unless you are under 3 everybody has the same proportions.

The children practiced drawing the face twice. Each time I had to encourage the children to draw on a bigger scale. Our eyes take up a large part of our faces and the bottom of the eye is positioned midway on the skull. The children’s confidence grew quite quickly and to add some extra fun into the session I asked each child to draw the child opposite them without looking at the paper.

Towards the end of the session I demonstrated how to draw another person through a window using marker and acetate or laminate. I brought the first group of 6 children to the ground floor where there was larger amounts of glass. Whilst we were downstairs Eoghan the children’s teacher was exploring the kaleidoscopic lenses I brought in with me.

Next week all of the children will draw another child’s face onto laminate. We were so busy that I forget to record the children.

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