Session Seven, Portrait Work

Artist: Helen Barry

Teacher: Eoghan O’Neill

Ranga Dó: 30 paiste

There was much delight at the achievements of the last session. The children are required to work in pairs and this method of working seems to really suit this class. I would also have to mark the children’s support and patience in assisting me to speak Irish. They are extremely kind and ensure that I have understood what they are saying or that I have said it properly. Languages are not my area of expertise but I always feel empowered and competent with my level of Irish when I have spent a few hours will the children. The teacher Eoghan is also very supportive with my Gailge, I now have a lot more than a Cúpla Focal.

I started this session with introducing some worldwide musical instruments, a rain stick, a couple of ocean drums and calabash, exploring what they are and who would traditionally use them. I also brought a range of kaleidoscopic lenses and tools so the children could experiment whilst each group completed their portraits.

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The first group who had drawn the portraits onto the sheets of laminate we’re ready for the next stage. The children had a selection of coloured transparent film to place on the portraits. Once complete they would be put through the laminating machine. Eventually each portrait will become one side of a cuboid that will be suspended from the ceiling.

I took each group down stairs to the ground floor where they drew each other. It was wonderful to watch as the portraits captured a unique likeness of each child under the skill full hands of the children. Once completed they joined the rest of the class and added colour to finishing their portraits.

For the next session we shall again work with a partner and work o a small construction together.

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