Our Lady Of the wayside N.S Kilternan

Visual Artist Jane Groves with Ms Martins first class

session 6…

Today I explained to the class, I was always experimenting!and so we started the session experimenting with mono prints whereby a piece of glass or in this case individual piece of acetate is inked up and then a piece of paper is lain on top to be drawn on top acting a little like carbon paper. we discovered quiet quickly that we needed to blot away the first layer of ink as initially the results were ‘quiet a mixed bag’ ! I think its useful when things don’t work out straight away as its a brilliant way to connect back to the process and for the children to be fully immersed into what works and why. Im always open with classes that Im engaging in play just like them.

For the second part of the session we concentrated on the panels the class had made together. we gave each of the tables a season  and they decided which colours would describe that best. it was challenging for the kids to share all the jobs, like rolling the paint , using the dry rollers on top and then pulling the paper away for the big reveal but they worked brilliantly and there was great excitement at the results










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