Our Lady Of the Wayside National school

Visual Artist Jane Groves with Ms Martins First class

Session 5…. After gathering inspiration from outside and our session last week concentrating on mark making, today was a perfect time to work more on drawing and show the children how they could create prints using foam board. I had bought in some interesting natural inspiration from our local habitat together with what the children had collected and some botanical images and demonstrated how the children could use some of the marks we had previously discussed to build up texture. we chose a feather and I lightly drew on the foam board to plan out my design and then etched deeper with my pencil to create a deep groove which would resist the printing ink. The class already had a good knowledge of colour mixing but we refreshed our ¬†memories and the children mixed some colours together for us all to use. I instructed the children that the printing ink had to be rolled out until in made a sound like a sizzling sausage and organised the class room into wet and dry areas.

The children made lovely drawings ready to print..

Then inked up their prints.

When the children had finished their small prints, each table set to work adding to a larger piece of foam (reused insulation boards) which will be printed next week. It helped to keep everyone in the classroom happy and engaged while each person took a turn inking up their plate on the printing table.

so excited to see how these turn out!

What impressed me so much today was how well the class worked, following instructions, being patient and working as a team, what a brilliant class!

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