Our Lady Of The Wayside National School Kilternan

Visual Artist Jane Groves with Ms Martins first Class

session 4… My objective today was to investigate mark making. The session was split into 2 parts both using music as the inspiration allowing the children to be free to express them selves.

In the first part of the session I intended to play a variety of music which loosely related to Habitat, I had chosen pieces from kila, relating to sea, a piece entitled ‘mountains’ another entitled ‘river’ and some of vivaldis 4 seasons etc. I had given the children chalks and sugar paper after a conversation about different marks  like dashes, dots, swirls, undulating lines, angular lines, rapid lines, slow lines etc. I then asked the children to close their eyes and make marks to the music. After each piece the children opened their eyes and described the feelings the music evoked and the corresponding marks made.we discussed what kind of habitat each piece of music described.




for the second part of todays session, we moved into the hall, where I described that our bodys rather than our pencils would be making the marks. using the music ‘Gradual Motion’ by Peter Jones we used a number of exercises which began with the children learning to use eye contact as a signifier to change place in a circle and then counting beats and changing shape.We experimented with ‘river’ shapes jagged ‘mountain’ shapes etc. We worked in pairs mirroring each other and using the whole space of the hall without touching anyone else.At the end of movement session we created a ‘dance’ where a partnered pair led two mirrored lines including the whole class. It was absolutely beautiful to watch every single child work together as a team and create such fluid and engaging moves!




999dd7ad-38b0-42f9-be5b-3ce34ff9242dBack in the classroom  we discussed  how we felt and what we had learned

‘we were listening to our art not just the music’

‘my body was the pencil’

‘I liked the way we danced’

‘I just , I just wasn’t expecting That!’

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