Our Lady Of The Wayside N.S Kilternan

Visual Artist Jane Groves with ms Martins first class

Session 8….. It was a glorious day today and I’m never one to miss an opportunity to take the children outside.Our session was about exploring lines more before investigating some 3 dimensional shapes.

I had wanted to work on sparking the children’s own initiative and letting them lead the way, while working within defined parameters so I gathered the children into a circle around a  smaller circle of electrical tapes and scissors and after instructing them all to be silent I invited them one by one into the circle to the materials were they could take the tape and ‘draw’ onto the playground. I had intended the exercise to be silent, but as I watched the class merrily chatting, mirroring each others lines or creating patterns together I thought it was far nicer that way.

Some children saw the exercise as a way of creating a transport system across the playground. others created patterns and abstract shapes, some worked together and some alone.We found our shadows and taped around them and gradually a strange mandala began to emerge from our starting point it was important that everyone was included.


After clearing the playground we had time to investigate a new material….

I showed the children the willow which I had bought along and  after talking about how and where it grew, we experimented making circles. Using our measuring skills, the kids then worked in groups to turn the circles into spheres utilising balance, concentration, measurement judgments and teamwork. I think it was a big adjustment from working very freely to then being asked to be quiet methodical, but eventually they rose to the challenge which is pretty impressive considering it was quiet tricky for small hands..well done first class!




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