Ballinteer Educate Together – 5th Class – Sessions 11 & 12 – Wednesday 3rd & Thursday 4th April 2019 Teacher: Lucy Abraham Artist: Michelle Read – Playwriting

This was a very exciting week. The children had developed their play ideas with Lucy in the previous week, so on Wednesday we did some script feedback and each group finished writing as many scenes as they could. Then the children were able to “put the scenes up on the floor”  which means they started to rehearse them in order to try out the dialogue and see if the action they had written was working.

We did notice that some funny bits in some plays were distracting from the story and it was suggested that “going for the gag” doesn’t always work for the play overall. And tough as it was, I was impressed to see that that note was taken.

So at this point some changes were made. Some additional dialogue or action was also needed in places, so this was improvised and then added to the script – this is very much like what might happen in a theatre when working on a new play.


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At the end of the session the groups discussed props and costumes for the next day and considered any sound effects. Everyone seemed to know what they were doing and it was very exciting to watch the bustle of activity.


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The next day the children were rehearsing before I even arrived and had brought in all the things they needed to present each play. So, in the first part of the session, they rehearsed like mad and each group showed me what they had, and I was able to give them some final tips and suggestions before the groups performed the plays.


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After the break we pushed all the desks to the back of the room and set up the chairs to face in one direction, making our own theatre in the classroom. Then one after another – in a very organised manner – each group did their “get in” and set up the stage, presented their play and did their “get out” for the next group. Lucy was on sound effects as well as being the videographer!


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And what a wonderful morning of new theatre we had – entirely created by the class. The plays were all funny, interesting and very dramatic, with really nice performances and technical work and great commitment from everyone.

FOR VIDEO OF EACH PLAY – follow the link + password below

TEENS FIND YEARBOOK IN DITCH                                (Password: BETC5TeensFindYearbook)

TEDDY COMES TO LIFE WHEN PET FUR SEWN INSIDE                                    (Password: BETC5TeddyComesToLife)

FAMILY DOG SAVES BOY FROM HOUSE FIRE                                  (Password: BETC5FamilyDogSavesBoy)

EXPLOSION IN TEDDY EMPORIUM                                  (Password: BETC5ExplosionInTeddyEmporium)

PHOTO OF MISSING GIRL IN ABANDONED HOUSE PART 1, 2 & 3                                  (Password: BETC5MissingGirl1)                                  (Password: BETC5MissingGirl2)                                    (Password: BETC5MissingGirl3)

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It was a really lovely culmination of our time together and I was so impressed and inspired by the enthusiasm and the creativity of the class. (Michelle)

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