Our Lady Of The Wayside N.S Kilternan

Visual Artist Jane Groves with Ms Martins 1st class

session 10…

Its all about Maths!!! … using the willow which we had made into long rods last week and the circle which we had measured around 2 people to guess the size we needed, today we worked together to balance, measure and construct a willow frame, I used words like circumference and diameter and asked the children to measure equal distances, halfs and quarters. Everyone helped to tie the willow together with masking tape.The Children did brilliantly considering this would be difficult for a group of adults to complete, let alone being one of 30 over excited 7 year olds with a wobbly willow frame, I’m so impressed with them.


The class were then split into two rotating groups, one which went outside to the garden to gather a variety of leaves and petals..

and another which began to cover the framework. The children worked in pairs, stretching the sheets of tissue which had been pre soaked in the ‘disgusting’ mixture of water and PVA in diamond shapes.

The children had decided that they had wanted the structure to be decorated with natural materials so when the first group returned from the garden we began to embed the petals and leaves in the paper..

some of the class even got inside the little Den to embed flowers inside

One of the biggest learning outcomes apart from all that architecture, maths and nature was about how to negotiate and collaborate as a team. High Five kids!

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