Our Lady of The Wayside National School Kilternan

Visual artist Jane Groves with Ms Martins 1st Class

Session 9…

Today we discussed what we might like to create with the willow, we talked about different shapes and ideas and then voted. The children decided that they would like to make a little habitat to stay in the classroom and provide a quiet reading/meditation/Time out space. we talked about the kind of shape and size we intended and the set about investigating the materials which will be willow and wet strength tissue paper. Everyone worked onto a small circle of willow, stretching out a piece of set strength tissue paper which had been soaked in a mixture of P.V.A and water. The children thought it was sticky and ‘disgusting!’ then we used different colours of tissue to create patterns.

we worked in-groups to make large roof rods with the willow placing each rod tip to tail and securing with masking tape, we also measured and constructed the round floor shape which will form the bottom of little ‘den’, watching the class work, measure, collaborate and communicate ideas together in the small space made me notice how much progress they were making as a group, really quiet different from the group I first started with!

I was so engaged with measuring , balancing and juggling the demands of very sticky paper that I sadly didn’t get any pictures of the beginnings of the willow construction, better luck next time!




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