Glenageary Killiney NS 2nd Class, Artist Robert Connor, Teacher Nicola Cummins, Final Dance Session – 22 March, 2019

For the final dance session, we met at Dance Theatre of Ireland’s Centre for Dance.  We did a warm-up and performed all the dances we had learned.  It was an exciting culmination of all the time we had spent together.  For the entire process Ms. Cummins had the students reflecting on their experience through their diaries.  Here is a digest of their memories.


2nd Class have been very lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Robert Connor, a contemporary dancer, from Dance Theatre Ireland as part of the Artist in Residence program funded by DLR Arts Council.  He came to us twice a week for an hour and a half for 16 sessions.


  • At the start I didn’t have a clue what we were doing and then at the end I was a brilliant dancer. I was really happy.  Harley
  • I learned more than I ever knew before. I am fit now.  We got a new friend – Robert.   Tamina
  • I had fun with Robert. My favourite dance was ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling’.  I had fun.   Hugo
  • I remember I was a bit embarrassed, now I’m not. I loved it so much.   Mimi
  • At the start I was very scared, now I’m not a bit. I loved it so much.    Robert
  • I loved all the dances. I loved going to the dance theatre.  It was really fun and fit!   Jessie
  • The thing I really liked about it was it was really fun and lots of good exercise.  Luke
  • My favourite dance was ‘Uptown Funk’. It was a lot of exercise.  Our dance teacher was called Robert.  I loved it.  I wish it did not have to end!   Millie
  • Dancing with Robert was fun and he is brilliant at dancing. I hope he comes back again.   Tillman
  • I really loved the way that every few days we learned a new dance. It really keeps your heart pumping!   James
  • I think it was very good fun. My favourite dance was Titanium.  Felix
  • I am amazed how much I have learned since the first day.  Dusan
  • My favourite dance was Titanium and I hope Robert will come back again!    Callum
  • At first I didn’t really like it, but by the second lesson I thought it was incredible and I improved so much. I couldn’t believe how fun it was.  I had many favourite dances, but the one I really liked was ‘Can’t stop the Feeling’.  Johnny
  • I loved doing the dances. I wasn’t very good at the start, but at the end I got better!  I loved doing all the dances with Robert Connor.   Daniel


  • When we started I wasn’t very good at dancing, but Robert helped me to be good and on your feet. So we went to his dance studio.  It was a great experience.   Aimee
  • It was crazy to look back at all the dances we did. We made a new friend Robert! Sebastian
  • The first dance was ,La Fiesta, then Uptown Funk, then Faith. My favourite song was Titanium. Hannah McClure
  • I learned about respect, kindness, kinesphere and movement. My favourite was ‘Titanium’ and I had a great experience.    Daisy
  • It was fun and my favourite dance was ‘Can’t stop the Feeling’.  Rhys
  • My favourite memory was when we learned ‘La Fiesta’. It was fun!  Lochlan
  • My favourite memory was when we gave Robert his card. I loved all the dancing!   Hannah Mc Connell
  • One of my best memories was when we were in groups and one person at a time would do a dance and the rest of the group would copy. I really enjoyed dancing and my favourite dance was ‘Faith’. Gina
  • I liked dancing very much because we all got fitter.  Denise
  • I was scared at first, but then I was happy when we did it. It was the funnest thing ever and my favourite dance was ‘Faith’.  Lily Rose
  • My Favourite dance was ‘Faith’.  Caragh
  • I remember the last time we went to the studio. I was sad after the last class.  But we were luckier than ever to have Robert.  That’s all that matters!  Bye Robert.  Jasmine
  • I loved dancing with Robert. My favourite dance was ’Titanium’  It was really fun!    Matthew

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