Glenageary Killiney NS 2nd Class, Artist Robert Connor, Teacher Nicola Cummins, Tenth Dance Session – 1 March, 2019

We started with the warm up, going straight through it, and then stretching your own way and with the long yoga type stretches. Then we reviewed what we had learnt on Monday of the first moves of the song “Faith”. We looked at what it means to be clear in movement and to be on the beat, since these movements are very rhythmically connected with the music.

After the water break we spent time looking at musical structure of the song, the measures of each part or of the song, and how to recognise the number of measures for each part. So in this case there is an introduction of 4 measures; there’s the first lyrics which has six measures of 4. The chorus also has six measures of 4. It repeats the structure with a set of lyrics, followed by the chorus again. There is then an 11 measure break before repeating the chorus twice and on the second repetition of the chorus there are an extra two measures before the finale.

We then divided all the students into 7 groups of 4 people each, randomizing that by having them lineup and count off in sevens. I explained that each group would have a chance to make their own four measure phrase. The idea being that each person in the group had a chance to contribute their own movement of four beats and as a way to begin appreciating each other’s movement and helping each other remember we spent time with copying so that each person got to have a turn to copy. So each person got a turn to lead and the other three copied. This was also introduced as a method in helping as a group to remember of what each of them did improvising.

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