Glenageary Killiney NS 2nd Class, Artist Robert Connor, Teacher Nicola Cummins, Twelvth Dance Session – 8 March, 2019

“We learned a new swinging dance.  I loved it.  It was quite easy.  After a quick break we danced to ‘Faith’.  We put our own phrase into the dance.  We only have 4 lessons left.”      Jessie

Before we did the warm-up we arranged ourselves in the space and then played a brief exercise on changing places, whereby one person at a time could move to another space and whomever was nearest to them had then had to move to another space. So there was a kind of knock on effect of one person moving, changing space causing someone else to have to move to another place and it meant that everyone ended up in a different place than they originally selected.

We did our warm up routine and our stretch squeeze and long stretch. We then spent time on a new swing sequence which utilises the second position (wide stance) that they’ve been practicing. It involves turning and twisting, with loose arms that wrap the body, so we call it a “twist wrap”. By emphasising the use of their eyes to make sure they see fully around them, they can self check that they are doing it correctly. It’s a combination of 4 twist swings and a rolling grapevine followed by a simple parallel swing, where the arms lead a full forward bend and return up. We talked about momentum being the kinetic energy of an object in Motion and how we can use momentum to make a dance more exciting.

With then reconstructed and worked further on the “Faith” choreography with the view to finishing the dance and incorporating their compositions into the choreography once everyone had time to practice and or revise and make changes as needed. We went from the beginning of the song and incorporated their compositions into the structure of choreography , finishing the song with the big “TA DA!”

Before we finished for the day we took a moment to talk about how to approach the last four lessons. They’re still very interested in seeing can we do some dance to the song “Titanium” and they are also interested in revisiting some of the dance as we have done so far. Nicola and I have agreed that the last session of the residency the students will come once again to the Dance Theatre of Ireland studio for the grand finale.

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