Harold National School Class A Session 3

This week we looked at some artists’ work for inspiration. I also saw some of the class’s previous work on land art. We then continued brainstorming and developing our ideas from the previous week in new pairings. We added some new ideas and developments to our list:

names and leaves etc pressed into concrete in yard?

Picture of year use to paint this onto a wall

Scrabble / crossword with our names, added to each year on a wall? in yard?

Festival / Fun Fair Day: Bouncy castles, food trucks obstacle course each leaving class puts a splat of paint on wall and year

Put on a puppet show, about?

School animal farm run by an adult

Hand print with name on it

Eating in yard

pen sculpture with our names in it

Tips / advice book for 5th class maybe added to every year

Games in the yard

Fun building

Alternative “sports” day

We then collaborated in groups of three or four to explore one of our favourite ideas by constructing a model of it from mixed media. We didn’t finish this yet so will return to it in the next session.

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