Harold National School Group B Session 3

In between sessions they had done some further work with Miss Ahern on sharing their storyboards (created in pairs) and creating new groups based on their interest in developing / merging a selection of these, so that they are now in 4 groups of 3 – 5 in number. They also did some individual creative writing following this. This morning they shared and / merged these to further develop their story.
I showed them a shadow puppet film I had made in collaboration with some other artists and introduced them to the overhead projector and then showed them some technical tips on how to make shadow puppets, encouraging them to test materials on the screen as they worked. They enjoyed the technical challenge of making the puppets and adding textures and colours through mixed media, coloured cels etc. We added rods as the puppets were finished. The teacher continued this work with them after I moved onto the next class.

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