Harold National School Class A Session 4

We began by checking in with them about how we will share what they have done with the other groups in our final shared session. We agreed to exhibit the models they have made. Each group discussed if they preferred to label them / write descriptions / take turns to talk about them.
They then finished their pieces, and those groups who wanted to introduce their work prepared scripts. A couple of groups were finished early and took the opportunity to do drawings / models for other ideas on the list they felt were important also.
We finished by having a rehearsed “tour” of the pieces  for each other and took any proffered questions and advice to allow for possible improvements / developments, etc.
The final pieces were:
A covered space for relaxation and meditation.
A house with rooms for various leisure activities eg: soccer room, art room, games room, cooking room.
A play area with a slide into a ball pool etc.
A roof top play area.
A pool with coloured changing rooms, diving board, kayaks etc
A hoody / sweatshirt with all their signatures inside a 19 to mark the year of their graduation.
Intersecting large scale scrabble tiles of all their names which would be displayed on a wall.
A brightly coloured playground with swings, zip line etc

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